REVEALED! How to Make Her Orgasm 3 Times in a Row


It’s the dream to end all dreams, and making a woman orgasm three times in a row is one of the most coveted sexual activities a man can ever encounter. Obviously the woman is not complaining either when it comes to having three orgasms yet to put it in plain terms, being able to create such a sexual fountain of orgasmic activity doesn’t come along every day. First and foremost a man should pat himself on the back for being able to excite a woman to the point that she even has one orgasm! Two orgasms and you are in the Orgasmic Hall of Fame right next to such greats as John Holmes and Rudolph Valentino. Three orgasms and consecutively at that, and you my friend are what’s referred to as royalty in the bedroom.

Revealing her True Animalistic Nature

A woman desires an orgasm just as much as a man does during sex. Revealing her true animalistic nature along with a wonderful sweeter side that us men just do not possess, is a combination that makes women some of the most dazzling- creatures on planet Earth. That’s enough of high-fiving and shaking hands and passing out cigars as there are still many men who have yet to offer a single woman a single orgasmic encounter. Sad and depressing as that may be these men need help and this is where a great educational adventure will begin.

Pre-Planning and Extreme Concentration

In order to make a woman orgasm three times consecutively during one sexual encounter pre-planning and extreme concentration must take place. The questions that must be answered and expeditiously at that concern the lovemaking quarters, lubrication and plenty of liquids. A refreshing beverage will have to be supplied as orgasms and sexual encounters dehydrate a woman to no end.

Not only will you be seen as the man that can give her three orgasms but the care and concerning type as well who not only wants to have sex with her but wants to make sure she is comfortable and well-hydrated. If this woman is not your wife for girl-friend she soon will be your girlfriend and as girls will talk you always want to make sure that the talk is pro-U. The normal method in which to make sure that only good-talk is forthcoming is by do not making any stupid comments while in the company of her and her friends or family and most definitely when it comes to the bedroom activities are spot on in both sexual and orgasmic realities.

How to Make a Woman Orgasm Consecutively

While these lists would be almost too plastic and unfeeling and as a matter of fact way too easy to do right now, it is best that we talk a little bit about how to make a woman orgasm consecutively three times in a row. The main concern here is the first orgasm as without that the number two and number three will just not exist. Start off with the traditional foreplay yet look into her eyes and even tell her that tonight you feel so much for her that you are about to explode.

The love and respect that you have for this woman needs to exude off your body like radiant burst of love filled laser-beam’s aimed directly at her heart and soul. After orgasm number one is in the bag it is time to move onto two and three and these can be had in the exact same manner as number one yet stamina and persistence and concentration plus plenty of liquid refreshments to keep you hydrated are mandated requirements. Good luck in the pursuit of orgasmic wonderland and remember this is not work this is pure ecstasy for the man as well as the woman.


Source by G. Crandall