Seven Fraternity Recruitment Event Ideas


Fraternity recruitment is always tough. It is tough to meet new people, and then actually get them to join your fraternity. Here are some great ideas that will help you be successful during fraternity rush.

One – Go to your university athletic events. It is a lot of fun to tailgate for a football game or basketball game. The event will promise to be a great time. This is the base for a fantastic fraternity recruitment event. Also, and probably best of all, it is free! Take advantage of it.

Two – Have an invite only dinner. An invite only dinner as a recruitment event is a great way to add prestige to your fraternity rush. Food always attracts guys. And best of all, this is a great way to expose the potential new members to your fraternity and your brotherhood.

Three – Mix with a sorority. Think about it. An event with a lot of girls (normally the prettiest girls on campus) is sure to attract a lot of guys. Also, it will be a ton of fun for all your brothers. This is a no-brainer for a great recruitment event.

Four – Do something athletic. Fraternity athletics are important. You obviously want to recruit to get better, more athletic brothers. Play hoops or play football to figure out which one of your recruits are good athletes.

Five – Go to a concert. One of the best recruitment events I ever went to was a concert. We purchased a ton of lawn tickets, and had a blast. We rented a bus to get to and from the event. After the concert we all went back to the fraternity house and had a good time. It was a great event.

Six – Go to a comedy club. Buy a block of tickets up front, and you will become part of the show. When a comedian busts on a brother the entire chapter will have a memory. Everyone will laugh and have a great time.

Seven – Have a smoker. Buy a bunch of cigars, and then smoke them while telling great stories of the fraternity’s past. Let the recruits as questions about the fraternity, and encourage open dialogue. This is a quick way to get the potential new members to bond with the brothers.

These seven events are easy to pull off, and are great ways to recruit new members. Keep in mind that there are a lot of things that are just as, if not more, important in fraternity recruitment than just having great events. If your fraternity wants to be successful during fraternity rush, then you need to always be meeting new people and finding guys that have high potential to become future brothers.


Source by Jack Hagerty