Gout – High Uric Acid, Low Sex Drive


Gout is more than just the painful swollen big toe or joints. The effect of having hyperuricemia (high blood uric acid level) is way beyond the obvious throbbing gouty inflammation you experience every once awhile. There are series of inter-related health complications that you might never thought of which is a direct result of having too much acidity in your body, one of it is erectile dysfunction or sexual dysfunctions.

If you are having the problem of hyperuricemia, you should pay attention to the texture of your blood when the nurse withdraws it in your next blood test session. You will notice that your blood is dark in color, thick and does not flow easily.

Almost 90 percents of gout patients are having that kind blood. This is because the high concentration of uric acid in the blood robs away the negative electrostatic charges on the surface of red blood cells. This makes the red blood cells stack together and reduces its ability to carry oxygen and other essential nutrients as well.

The part that plays an important role in penis erection is the cigar-shaped spongy structure, scientifically known as corpora cavernosum. Arteries supply blood into this spongy tube and veins send blood away from it. Whether the penis is limp or erect, it is depending on the amount of blood retained in the corpora cavernosum.

When you are sexually aroused, your brain will send signal to the nerve cells in the penis to initiate the production of nitric oxide, which causes arteries in the spongy zone to dilate and allow more blood to flow into the penis. When the input of blood from the arteries is more than the output through the veins, this will build a ‘bloody pressure’ that hardens the penis which later gives you the ‘lovely pleasure’.

But when you body has become acidic, not only it slows down the flow of blood, this acidic environment also affects the effectiveness of every cell in the body to do its job. One of them is nerve cells, these impulse generating cells require sufficient amount of mineral ions such as sodium, potassium and calcium to create the electrostatic action potential which powers the whole nervous system.

The mineral ions mentioned above are all known as alkaline minerals. Try to imagine what will happen to the effectiveness of the impulse highway in your body when those important minerals in the nerve cells are drawn away and used to neutralize the excess uric acid in your body? Low power! Or possibly blackout!

This is the reason why so many gout patients always complain that they feel tired, dizzy and sleepy most of the time. First, it is because there are just not enough electrolytes for the use of nerve cells. Second is because the slow flowing blood fails to provide enough oxygen and food to the brain cells.

It is not wrong to say that sexual dysfunctions to closely related to mental issue. But instead of assuming it as the psychological side of the mental problem, it is time for us to seriously pay attention to the physical cause of the sexual mental issue. Simple science explains everything!


Source by Heemen Ee