Solutions For Smoking In Public Places


“Smoking kills!” – Do you know all the cigarette and other cigar packets have got this printed in bold either on the front or at the back side of their covers? But do you know how many smokers have noticed this and never regarded this as a serious warning to their health.

We all know smoking is such an addiction which would not go away easily amongst majority of the world population and no such country could stop or prevent the smokers to easily quit smoking by enforcing any laws. Still enforcing a smoking ban in public areas has shed new light amongst those who have been regularly advising others on the discomforts and ill effects of smoking.

As a matter of fact, ban of smoking in public areas can still be safeguarded by introducing smoking shelters which can be used for smoking, keeping rest of the environment smoke free. All the public areas have now being relieved from the smoke and smokers. If you are a smoker, then the only place where you can entertain your smoking pleasure is a smoking shelter which is located either outside the bars, restaurants, shopping malls etc, built in open air or are built inside the building in a form of semi-closed smoking shelter, thoroughly ventilated and properly recycled.

More and more people who are concerned about their and public health would appreciate the introduction of smoking bans and smoking shelters. Those people who were allergic to smoke or were not visiting pubs due to its environment, would now be more interested in going to bars and discos increasing the sales with both smokers and non-smokers looking for entertainment. All the smokers who would want to smoke can move into the smoking shelters leaving the rest of the place smoke free. Therefore, get the smoking shelters to compete and live up to the standards defined by the government.

These shelters are a good way to get rid of the dangerous cigarette fumes which has caused several issues in peoples through out the world. You can pick any form of smoking shelters as there are plenty with different style and design available in market today. They can be constructed with good quality material and absolutely no maintenance.

These smoking shelters are constructed in almost every block, the only place for a smoker to visit and fulfill his/her smoking desires. These shelters are mostly standing shelters where you visit for a minute or two, smoke cigarettes and crush the cigarette butts inside the trash bins or vertical trash columns and leave.

You can also get to look at some medium to big sized smoking shelters with people sitting and chatting for long time. Well there is no ban on the time a smoker spends inside a smoking shelter. Though smoking shelters have given new life to smokers, its has at the same time restricted the usage of cigarettes, motivating smokers to reduce their smoking habit on large scale in public places keeping the atmosphere clean with a new hope of having a healthier nation.

The biggest advantage of smoking shelters is its structure. It has a roof top to protect against any climatic conditions, with one side completely open and a decent seating arrangement along with trash bins to throw smoking litter. Most of these smoking shelters have been designed using curved shaped nice looking state-of-art builds and are placed away from any public entry or exit place. They also have smoking signs to identify its existence to any smoker. Most of these shelters have been built in public parking lots where most of the smokers assemble to puff.

Use smoking shelters – a last resort for public smoking…


Source by Neil MacLeod