The 5 Things That Will Ruin Your Sexual Ability, That You Can Avoid


Did you know that you are doing things right now that are inhibiting your performance in the bedroom? Did you know that taking an extra second in your everyday activities can transform you from good to great? The things you do and don’t do every day can make all the difference. We’ll talk about the 5 biggest factors. Some things you already know or suspect are bad for you. Still others you probably haven’t even thought about. Read on to learn how to revolutionize your sex life.

5. Let’s talk about the most obvious stuff first. I hope you realize that the things that you take into your body are crucially important to your performance. This includes drugs, smoking, and your diet. This is one of those that we are all aware of but don’t do much about so I’ll point out the most important stuff and move on.

The first thing that we all should avoid are vein constrictors (vasoconstrictors) or chemicals that shrink your veins so less blood is being pumped into all of your organs. This is really the most important thing for a hard-on. If there is no blood flowing then sometimes you can’t even get started much less talk about performance. The most common vasoconstrictors are caffeine which are in regular coffee and soda pop; tobacco products like cigarettes, chew and cigars; amphetamines or more commonly known as meth which is also used in some ADHD and narcolepsy prescriptions; antihistamines or allergy meds; cocaine; LSD or acid; psilocybin or shrooms; nasal decongestion drugs like Vicks Sinex and Sudafed OM or pupil dilation solutions such as Visine and ClearEyes . If you use any of these products then the best thing of course would be to quit using it all together, but at the minimum at least cut down the use of these products as much as possible.

Obviously avoid foods that are high in cholesterol, fat and sugar and I know just as well as you how delicious that cake and ice cream is but if you could see how badly it clogs your veins, you would never touch the stuff again. Instead make an effort to choose whole grain products versus white “enriched” products. Even if you think that the white tastes better then just realize that taste lasts only for a moment but your health is important for your whole life.

4. The next concern that we will address is stress, fatigue, and being out of shape. This is one of the most obvious of the problems that we face and also the one that requires the most effort, but, if done, provides the best performance increase. Can you make a few changes to your lifestyle? Can you sacrifice perhaps an hour of your life each day to significantly improve your sexual performance? I know it’s easier said than done especially with our extremely busy lifestyles, it gets so busy sometimes that going to the gym is just out of the question so let me tell you some stuff to do at home. Sit-ups or, even better, crunches. Do 50 to 100 sit-ups or 100 to 200 crunches each day (Monday through Friday), this will take less than 5 minutes each day. If you haven’t been working out for a while you might be breathing hard after just 10, if so then just do 10 more later, do this until you get to 50 for the day. Also remember that crunches only count if you never lower your back all the way down through the end of the whole set, in other words you need to hold your muscles tense the whole time in order for crunches to work. Then do 40 – 80 push-ups each day and again if you can only do 10 at a time that’s fine, just make sure you have 40 by the end of the day. Finally jog. At least a little bit. The recommended amount is 20 to 30 minutes per day, but it is still much better to do 10 minutes than none at all.

Fatigue is a major concern when it comes to sex performance. If you are tired because you worked too much or didn’t get enough sleep or whatever other reason you may have, your sexual performance is adversely impacted. There is little else to discuss here except change your habit that is causing the fatigue. This is a sacrifice area for most of us too because we have so much to do and so little time to do it all in so, too often, sleep gets pushed aside. The problem is that getting enough rest is the one that has the immediate and profound effect on your sexual performance so we advise that you make the most effort here initially. The natural human response is to quit any enhancement process such as this one but what encourages us to persevere is visible improvement. So if you want to see immediate sexual performance increase get some sleep before a sexual engagement. As a side note having sex in the morning is almost always going to allow you to perform better than at night.

Stress has been known to cause negative sexual performance, especially if what you are stressing about is something major. Stress is one of those things that many people think is based on the situation, when in fact it is based on your response to the situation. What is the difference? Many times you can NOT change or choose the situation, but you CAN change or choose how you are going to RESPOND to that situation. And your obvious choice should be just to realize the simple truth – no matter how hard you stress about something it isn’t going to get even a tiny bit better, so why stress? Start thinking about the solution and your stress will evaporate. In other words if you have a car wreck instead of freaking out and crying or yelling or even keeping all of that emotion inside, just realize that no matter how much you freak out or cry or yell or even keep it inside, you will still have a car wreck to deal with. So? Just think about the solution. Call the cops, exchange info with the driver, call your insurance; they will get you a rental while yours gets fixed, etc., etc. and then there is no stress just a productive solution that may actually help you with managing the stresses from the rest of the day. Now don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying you can eliminate stress, I doubt that you can. What I am saying is that you have a choice that YOU make for EVERY situation and your RESPONSE is what determines whether you have a horrible day or a wonderful day. It is not determined by what side of the bed you woke up on. Lastly I do need to mention that this is an ongoing, non-stop battle to continue choosing to think about the solution, rather than concentrating on the problem.

3. Many times a physical injury is one of the reasons for poor bedroom performance. The most important thing to remember here is to stay safe when involved in physical activity. This involves ALWAYS wearing a cup when playing a physical contact sport. It literally takes only a few seconds to put one on and once you’re used to it there is little to zero distraction from it. However, if you are seriously injured in your area you can potentially say goodbye to your sex life. A few other things to point out here is that any kind of physical injury often involves pain reducing drugs which are going to have a negative impact on your sexual performance in a big way, therefore it is advised to get off the pain medication as soon as possible to avoid further sexual dysfunction.

2. We had a difficult time deciding whether penis enlargement surgery should be the number one worst thing you can do to cause sexual dysfunction, however it ended it up being just shy of number one. However penis enlargement surgery will absolutely devastate your sexual function for the possibility of perhaps gaining an inch maybe two in penis length. The ironic thing is most men get the surgery to be “better in bed” and perhaps with a longer penis you can be better in bed, however these men don’t realize that penis enlargement surgery will in many cases cause many sexual side effects that will end their sex life. The most common one being losing the ability to get fully hard. Imagine trying to have sex with a half limp penis. It is very “unsexy” to say the least. The other an almost funny, too common, side effect of this surgery is that due to scarring of the surgery the penis may actually end up being shorter and deformed… money well spent.

1. We finally come to it, the worst thing you can do to ruin your sexual function are penis weights. This procedure is dated back to ancient uncivilized tribes that had penises that were several feet long. Yes you read that right several feet. The problem with these penises was that other than for urinating, these penises were completely useless. Imagine having the world’s biggest penis but not being able to get an erection or an orgasm, ever. If you want a bigger penis there are much better alternatives such as jelqing or pills, but please, please, please stay away from penis weights.

Well now that you are more informed about having a better sex life, the only question that remains is are you going to do or not do any of the things you just learned. How about more than one? It sounds really simple but taking action or actually doing one or more of these things is the difference between Mr. Ehh and Mr. Wow. We hope that you choose Mr. Wow, I’m sure your partner does too.


Source by Serj Sagan