How to Decorate a Box With Shells in a Few Easy Steps!


We often collect seashells along the shoreline, either to simply admire them, or, in lots of cases, we just gather them up, as we like the texture of them. I often save them with the idea that I will most likely do something arty with them at a later date. Projects with shells always seem pretty popular just like canvas art.

In my opinion boxes are fairly a good option, as you can utilize these to collect things in. For example, jewellery, little treasures, letters, needles and pins, in fact, any number of items really. What you intend to use them for is reliant on the size of the box, obviously.

There are all types of wood and paper mache boxes too, readily obtainable in the stores and art suppliers today. Some are designed specially for people to decorate themselves. Obviously what materials you require to do this will depend entirely on the sizing of your chosen article.

However, what you choose to cover your box does not have to stop at seashells. For example, if you are using the ocean theme, why not incorporate some fake starfish, small beads that will reflect, small glass nuggets are lovely, as are miniature pearls and even one or two shiny sequins. This will add a feel of realism!

At this point, if you do not have access to a local shoreline you can as a rule buy various shells in the stores, as a result this should not be too much of a dilemma. You might even use a bit of raffia to look a bit like driftwood. There are sure to be an assortment of boxes you could use for this, ranging from old empty cigar boxes, ready prepared wooden chests for embellishment and even linen boxes.

Hence, now I have given you a few suggestions let’s go on, you can always alter your box consequently! As for your basic needs for this project, you will require a wooden or paper mache box to work this on. Added to this a sponge, which is fairly small, a few acrylic paints, plus a paintbrush, craft glaze, a palette to contain your paints and a suitable adhesive that will stick well.

You may decide to use a different paintbrush to apply the glue and then, yes, there will be any further items to elaborate your box and an assortment of seashells of a suitable size for your task. Hence how do you begin? You might ask!

To begin with, pick up your sponge, dampen it, and after that squeeze out any excess water. Now take your palette and dispense small amounts of paint into the tray. Should you be working on a chest type of box, in the paint tray for colours, I would probably select some gold, a sand colour, purple, different types of blue and maybe a green.

Take hold of the sponge and you should at this point dab on layers of paint to in essence cover the box, both inside and out. When you do this you can actually see how many varying shades you can really produce. Once you have achieved this leave it somewhere to dry.

Next stage, fish out your seashells and have a go working out a design to put on to your box. Carry on by using your paintbrush to apply glue all over the box before moving on to conscientiously press the shells down into the glue firmly.

There is no reason why you cannot cover the entire box with shells. However, you can dot your other trimmings here and there, especially if you are trying to impart the feeling of a real treasure trunk!

Clearly then, this needs to dry out before you can subsequently apply a coating of the craft varnish. This then will give a soft sheen appearance to the box. I am certain that at the finish you will be very happy with the outcome.

Not just this, I am sure that your friends and family will think that this is, in fact, delightful. They will also be hoping that you will make one for them in the not too distant future. However, now you have tried this, you could basically do this to other items, such as wooden picture frames or even around mirrors!


Source by Anna Meenaghan