Success and Peter Parker’s Day Job


Subtitled: “Success and the web slinger – where’s the story, Parker!”

A few years ago I was waiting with my daughter in an agonizingly slow 75 minute queue for the SpiderMan 2 ride at Universal Studios Theme park in Japan.

And as I was getting bored watching the repeating clips from old Spiderman cartoons on the TV screens around us, I found myself reading quotes from the Daily Bugle’s editor (Spiderman’s day job employer). These were displayed all over the walls in the waiting area.

One in particular caught my self-coaching eye:

“You don’t win a Pulitzer prize by sitting on your assci characters. So let’s get moving!”

Aside from chuckling at the deliberate wordplay around misspelling ‘asci’, I felt that Peter’s cigar smoking editor was bellowing some great personal development mantra!

Goal setting is great in and of itself but without action it is like a news story that is never run in the paper.

Because it was never written down?


There are loads of people who have ideas and plans but they either forget them or dismiss them as unrealistic.

Mistake number one is not to write them down.

For those that actually do write them down, they can easily be consigned to the “inside pages” of their life because there is no attention grabbing headline to inspire them.

Great goals often flow naturally from a vision of what could be. That is the equivalent of an inspiring headline in a newspaper article.

And they are fueled by the emotional power of imagery. Just as Peter Parker’s photographic assignments were to capture the reality of ‘real life’ stories.

You have an advantage over Peter Parker who could never obviously get that priceless photo of Spiderman in action.

And that is your creative imagination.

You can see, touch and feel your very own goal setting webslinger just by choosing to do so.

Good luck! And see if you can bring back a snap shot or two!


Source by Mark McClure