Sauna Equipment


Good sauna equipments are essential for the healthy experience of sauna bathing. An extensive range of sauna equipments to suit every need of the user is available in the market. Some common sauna equipments include sauna heaters, steam generators, and outdoor towel warmers. Other sauna equipments include steam showers and wine and cigar storage.

The heater is the heart and soul of any sauna. The sole purpose of the sauna heater is to provide warm and soft heat. A wide variety of sauna heaters suitable for every application is offered by many reputed manufacturers. The three main types of sauna heaters are electric, gas, and wood burning heaters. Wood burning heaters take more time to heat the sauna. The main advantage of wood burning heaters is that that they are inexpensive than electric and gas heaters. Electric and gas heaters can heat the sauna very quickly. Nordic, Harvia, MrSauna, and Tylo are among the top brand names of sauna heaters.

Steam generators are best suited to provide relaxing pleasures and detoxifying. Steam generators for residential applications feature tempo controls and steam heads. Some steam generators come with sophisticated features such as automatic rinse and flush operation, automatic backup timer, and steam room temperature sensor. Commercial steam generators are well suited for fitness centers, hotel and resort facilities. These types come with advanced features including F1 plus control, two steam heads, and sensor. Steam generators are simple and easy to install.

Outdoor towel warmers are ideal any season. Most of them have patented heating systems that help to warm the entire cabinet interior to a maximum temperature of 150° F.


Source by Kevin Stith