Leiomyosarcoma – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment


A leiomyosarcoma, also known as spindle cell sarcoma, is a cancerous tumor of the smooth muscle or fibrous tissue and can occur anywhere in the body. The term “spindle cell” is based upon the elongated spindle shaped appearance of the cells, along with cigar shaped nuclei. These types of tumors, depending upon the location, are also termed as fibrosarcoma or malignant fibrous histiocytoma. Most of these tumors are fast spreading and have an overall poor prognosis.

The Ayurvedic treatment of this condition is aimed at treating the tumor, boosting the immune status of the body, reducing symptoms and prolonging survival. Medicines like Arogya-Vardhini, Triphala-Guggulu, Kanchnaar-Guggulu, Mahamanjishthadi-Qadha, Medohar-Guggulu, Chandraprabha-Vati, Punarnavadi-Guggulu and Panch-Tikta-Ghrut-Guggulu are used to treat the actual tumor. Medicines which act on the ‘Rakta’, ‘Mansa’ and ‘Meda’ dhatus (tissues) are useful in such tumors. These medicines include Patol (Tricosanthe dioica), Saariva (Hemidesmus indicus), Patha (Cissampelos pareira), Musta (Cyperus rotundus), Kutki (Picrorrhiza kurroa), Nimba (Azadirachta indica), Triphala (Three fruits), Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Draksha (Vitis vinifera), Kutaj (Holarrhina antidysentrica), Chirayta (Swertia chirata), Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), Chandan (Santalum album) and Vishwa (Zinziber officinalis).

Herbal medicines like Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Haridra (Curcuma longa), Daruharidra (Berberis aristata), Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia), Mandukparni (Centella asiatica), Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum), Guggulu (Commiphora mukul) and Shallaki (Boswellia serrata) are useful in the treatment of leiomyosarcoma because of their inherent therapeutic action on solid tumors. Immunomodulatory medicines like Amalaki, Tulsi, Bhrungraj (Eclipta alba), Yashtimadhuk (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), Bala (Sida cordifolia), Trivang-Bhasma, Abhrak-Bhasma, Suvarna-Bhasma, Heerak-Bhasma and Suvarna-Bhasma can be used to boost the immune status of the body. These medicines help in stopping the growth of the tumor and are also useful in treating weight loss.

Medicines like Agnitundi-Ras, Shankh-Vati, Vat-Gajankush-Ras and Maha-Vat-Vidhvans-Ras can be used to treat symptoms of localized pain and discomfort. Medicines like Mahamanjishthadi-Qadha, Kachnaar-Guggulu and Triphala-Guggulu can be used to prevent the spread of the tumor to different parts of the body. In addition, different medicines are added in the treatment of leiomyosarcoma, depending upon the location of the tumor in the body. For example, Pathyadi-Qadha is believed to be effective in head and neck tumors and Varunadi-Qadha is believed to act on abdominal tumors; Kutki, Sharpunkha (Tephrosia purpurea) and Amalaki are believed to be more effective in the upper abdomen whereas Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa) and Gokshur (Tribulus terrestris) are believed to be more effective in the lower abdomen.

Ayurvedic medicines can thus be used to treat leiomyosarcoma effectively, improve the quality of life and prolong the overall survival of affected individuals. These medicines can be used in addition to standard modern treatment. All such patients should be under the regular supervision and care of an Oncology team.


Source by Abdulmubeen Mundewadi