Interesting Facts About Cuba


The Republic of Cuba is considered as one of the most populated insular nation in the Caribbean. Its main island, Cuba or Isla De la Juventud which spreads 766 miles in circumference is the 17th largest island in the world. It is located south of United States and the Bahamas, west of Mexico and south of Jamaica. One thing that comes into mind when you mention “Cuba” is probably their finest cigars. But that’s only half of what’s interesting in this country. In case visiting this country is part of your agenda soon, here are a few facts that you might want to know that you may find interesting.

*Cuban food is a mix up of Spanish, African and Caribbean cuisine. Their most popular dish is Ropa Vieja which is shredded flank steak in a tomato sauce base topped with black beans, yellow rice and fried yuca.

*Officially, Cuba is an atheist state. However, most are Roman Catholics, Protestants, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jewish and Santeria-which is of West African and Caribbean origin

*Internet usage in Cuba is closely monitored for those who connect to the Internet without permission. This means that very few people in Cuba are granted permission due to security reasons. And those who access internet without permission may serve jail time up to 5 years!

*Cuba is famous throughout the world for its fine cigars. Three of the most popular brands are Monte Cristo, Romeo y Julietta and Cohiba-which is derived from the Taino word for “tobacco”.

*”Tocororo” or Cuban Trogn is the national bird of Cuba. It’s natural habitats are dry, moist forests which is suitable for Cuban tropical weather.

*Christopher Columbus first sighted the island of Cuba in October 1492. However, Diego Velasquez colonized the island of Cuba for Spain.


Source by Pollux Parker