Improve Your Quality of Life With Macular Degeneration Vision Aids


For anybody who is living with progressive loss of focal vision, there are macular degeneration products which can improve your daily life.

Roughly two million people in America are afflicted by advanced age-related macular degeneration (AMD). AMD is a vision disease characterized by impairment of the macula that results in central vision reduction. Men and women who have AMD sustain their outer eye-sight, but experience difficulty concentrating on objects right in front of them.

Studies have not yet shown for sure what causes AMD. Nonetheless, there are many risk factors. The risk factors entail smoking cigarettes or cigars, aging, male or female (women have a slightly higher risk), family history, high cholesterol levels, and possibly absorption of visible and ultraviolet light. Early detection and medical care will possibly decelerate and halt the wet form of the disease. Yet, there is no treatment at the moment for dry form of the disease.

Loss of focused central eye-sight will make it hard to read or accomplish daily routines. There are many high-tech macular degeneration vision aids intended to help people with eye-sight reduction preserve their self-sufficiency and greatly enhance their standard of living. Macular degeneration vision aids that magnify text and make reading and seeing objects more comfortable include eye-glasses, telescopes, and both handheld and desktop electronic magnifiers.

Electronic magnifiers have a closed circuit television (CCTV) and show the magnified images or written text on various screens. Desktop magnifiers are offered either with ordinary LCD or high-definition (HD) screens. The benefit from an HD screen is that the clear crisp image will make it possible to read on a lower magnification level, correspondingly viewing a wider field of view and requiring less left/right movement. Desktop CCTV magnifiers may assist those experiencing poor vision to see correspondence, read the paper, write checks, examine prescription bottles, view photographs, and perform projects.

Several options for handheld video magnifiers exist. You can conveniently carry them along in your purse or pocket. Display possibilities include conventional LCD screens or even an innovative type of display named Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode (AMOLED), which provides a higher brightness and more vivid image. Handheld CCTV magnifiers feature many color options, to make written text easier to see. A few magnifiers also possess a still shot option, which can be beneficial if something is too high to view or you desire to save something like a cell phone number, for future reference. You can even find handheld video magnifiers designed to magnify things which are either in close proximity or remote, which can include receipts or street symbols. With all the available choices, there is something that can help you at home, school, work, or while running errands all over town.


Source by Sally Appleton