Bulk Candy – How to Get the Best Value


Bulk candy is one of the most popular retail items available. It’s great as a major part of your inventory or as an impulse item at the cash register. But if you’re a business owner, you have to be concerned with getting the best value for your money. That means looking for the most economical packages sold by candy retailers at wholesale prices. While certain candies are sold individually, many business owners prefer a variety pack, in which many different favorites can be bought in one package, allowing you to offer something for everyone.

The best bulk candy values are packages such as the following:

  • Assorted chocolates. Chocolate is probably the most popular, best selling candy item around, but different people like their chocolate different ways. Some like the sweet and salty of chocolate covered peanuts, some prefer the soft and crunchy texture of chocolate covered almonds, others prefer the melt-in-your mouth taste of malted milk balls, while some prefer the simple smoothness of milk chocolate. You can get the best selling chocolates in bulk packages of 50 or 100 pounds, ensuring that you’ll always stock the candy treats your customers crave.
  • Sugar free chocolates. Some people can’t have much sugar, but they still crave chocolate from time to time. You can get all the good stuff described above in bulk, but without the excess sugar. It’s the best value in candy in bulk for those who have to watch what they eat.
  • Gummi assortment. You could stock a whole candy store with nothing but the wide variety of gummi candies available. There are different shapes, such as bears, worms, sharks, soldiers, butterflies and fish, and there are different flavors, such as fruit, sour, and standard. Everyone loves gummi candy in bulk, so be sure to display your bulk gummis where kids can see and reach them. These wholesale gummi candies can be bought for the best value in bulk candy in packages of 100 to 480 pounds.
  • 30 cent bulk candy. This is the kind of inexpensive novelty candy that appeals to kids with their own spending money. It includes BlowPops and WhistlePops, bubblegum cigars, chick-o-sticks, Laffy Taffy, Pixie Stix, and many others. You can get all these bulk candies in a retail packages of 24 or 48, which allows you to experiment with what sells best with your customers.
  • All inclusive bulk candy assortment. These huge retail packages offer everything you need to satisfy a customer’s sweet tooth. Any delicious bulk candy you can think of is included in this package. Chocolate, gummis, hard candies, wrapped bulk candy and unwrapped bulk candy, and an amazing selection of other wholesale treats are included in this assortment. If you own a candy store, you definitely want to stock up on these packages, perhaps by buying the biggest package, the 720 or 854 pound specials. Other retailers might find the smaller 395 or 430 pound selections more convenient.

Everyone loves bulk candy, and you can cater to that love of candy by seeking out the best values in bulk candy. Your customers will be happy, and you’ll be pleased with the impact these great values have on your bottom line.


Source by Terry Keenan